Musical Vision Ltd.
67-69 Nelson Street
Basement floor
Aberdeen AB24 5ER

01224 639800

Our rehearsal rooms contain a PA system with 3 microphones, a drumkit (minus cymbals) with a snare and single kick pedal. Two guitar amplifiers and a bass amplifier. In addition there are keyboard amplifiers if you need one please ask.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you need help setting something up!

Drum Stuff
Drummers please take your own cymbals or you will have to hire ours… and a drum key

Guitar stuff
Guitarists please take an overdrive/distortion pedal if you wish that effect as some of our guitar amplifiers tone are clean/mostly clean.

General Info
The rooms are equipped with 3 mics and leads, if you have a mic of your own we suggest you take it with you. There are speaker cabinets available if you want to take your own amp head but PLEASE do not unplug any of our amp heads, ask a member of staff to provide you with a cabinet.

Room 4,5 and 7: 1hr 15, 1.5hrs 22.50, 2hrs 30, 2.5hrs 35, 3hrs 40, 3.5hrs 44, 4hrs 47,
Room 2 (max 4 people) : 1hr 12,  1.5hrs 18, 2hrs 24, 2.5hrs 30, 3hrs 34, 3.5hrs 37, 4hrs 40
Solo Practice 7.50 per hour (when available)
Off Peak Discounts: Mon-fri 9am-6pm and between
Fri 6pm-Sun 6pm 12.50 per hour or 3hr 30, 4hr for 35, 5hr 40, 6hr 45

We require minimum 24 hours notice of cancellations or a cancellation fee will have to be settled prior to booking again. If you do not show or contact us the full fee for the time booked will apply.
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